Friends got my hopes up and I'm a bit crushed..

So basically all my friends got kids and my husband and I have talked about having our own. We're not exactly trying but not 100% trying to prevent it either. My most recent period was very abnormal. Usually the blood seems thick ish and it's decently heavy. Not super heavy but definitely not light. Well this time the blood seemed thinner and it was super light. It started later than usual and ended earlier than usual. I had no normal cramps or back pain and I was as irritable like usual. Over this period is a straight mystery.

I kept all my girls upadated and I have been having occasional nausea and starting Friday I had slight back pains and my nipples have been starting something else with their pain level. After telling them all of this they told me to test and it's more than likely a sure positive. They all agreed that some women still have their period although they're pregnant.

I myself have been wanting a baby for a big ol' minute. Like I'm to the point of I get baby fever and when I'm walkimg past the baby section in walmart I cry for how bad I want one. Tonight I took this test and from what I can tell it's a BFN. I was getting line eyes so I got my hopes up a little but I don't think it's there... I kind of want a second opinion on the test and I also wanted to let out my feelings of disappointment in not having a positive test.

Sorry the picture isn't all that great and I also don't know how to invert the colors.