Mastitis / Staph Infection


So I’m EBF my 1 month old daughter and about a week ago I got mastitis. I’m on antibiotics now and still feeding on that breast. I started feeling bad again last night with chills and achy pains and basically how I felt before I went to the dr. so I took a 600 mg ibuprofen that was prescribed for postpartum pain at like 1:30am. I “woke” up at 4:30 (I put that in quotes because I really didn’t sleep that much at all) and I just felt HORRIBLE. I checked my temp because I was running a fever last week if 101.7 and it was 102.4! I’m waiting about 2-3 more hours so that I can call the nurse on call, as my mom advised me to do, she’s an rn. First of all, what the heck?! What could it be this time?!😭 I love breastfeeding my baby but so ready to give up mamas😭 this is so difficult, I really didn’t think it’d be easy but this is so hard! And it’s not just this that makes me so discouraged, my baby was in the NICU for a few days due to jaundice and they only let me try and bf her for 15 minutes every 2-3 hours so I’d pump after I did that. Then she had to go to the er for a staph infection in her head (her dr has no clue how she got that) and every time I fed her she would cry because it hurt her head and I felt so so bad😭 idk what to do anymore!! And I also am so scared as to what is wrong with me😭