I can’t get over him.


It’s 4 AM and here I’m heartbroken, crying my eyes out, feeling an ache in my heart that I don’t know how to heal. I’m a Muslim girl that dated a (non-Muslim) guy for a short period, but was totally in love with him. I gave him my everything, even my virginity. I totally regret it. I just don’t understand how he can just drop me like that... like I’m worthless and move on to this super hot girl. He was never serious about me. I realize that now. My gut feeling was telling me to not sleep with him. But then again I was curious. I know it was stupid of me. He just used me & now I have to deal with the consequences. I just don’t know how? He introduced this girl to his friends and family, but to me he always said he is too busy for relationships. Why was I blind? I wish he could feel my pain... but he never will, because such people are lucky in life. I don’t know why he still follows me on social media and watches my stories. Why? He got what he needed: sex! How do I get past this nightmare? I can barely function. I’m unhappy. Please give me advice, I’m clueless.