When sex becomes a chore

Caity • Mommy to Lincoln who turned 4 in May 2019! Pregnant with baby #2 and baby #3 (BOYS) from FET after IVF. Due February 2020 ❤️❤️ PCOS, recent diagnosis of endometriosis as well as right tube is blocked following lap surgery.

We've been trying two and a half years for #2. We tried just as long for our son who will be 3 this month. So we're determined to give it our best shot this month. My husband is so committed this month and keeps saying he has a good feeling about it (he's never said that in our total of 5 years trying) so we said we were going to have sex everyday once I got off my period so there was no chance we could miss ovulation. I have PCOS and even though I'm on femara we have no clue when or if I ovulate.

So today is CD 12 and he comes into bed and neither one of us are in the mood. We were laughing about how sex was starting to feel like a chore because we know we HAVE to do it. We were literally laughing together joking about how we were both so tired from work and we would just skip today and do it tomorrow morning. Two seconds later he had the sweetest look on his face and said "I really want another baby. I don't want to miss ovulation." Next thing you know I'm suddenly in the mood and we're having sex lol.

Fingers crossed I actually ovulate this month and we catch it 🙏🏻