The pill (Melodetta specifically)


Ok. So, I tried taking this at night with food to help with nausea. It’s midnight, I’m nauseated, and can’t sleep. The no sleeping thing is rare for me. Will this even out or will I constantly feel like I’m having morning sickness ( have felt sick to the point of food aversions)?? Also, have any of you noticed weight gain or vaginal dryness?? I know, a little too much TMI but I really don’t want my sex life to suck all because I’m trying to prevent pregnancy. I mean the point is to be able to enjoy sex with my husband without the pregnancy scares and stuff... Oh, also I’m having bad cramps, ugh!! 🙄 I’m really feeling very negative about BC after my horrible experience with previous ones. Trying to be open minded but I’m already hating it and am really tempted to return to natural family planning. Any help or good vibes would be appreciated!! Thanks!!