Pregnant after an ectopic- scared!!!

Jasmine 🇬🇧

I think I am just looking for reassurance if I am honest....

I suffered an ectopic pregnancy back in the end of November beginning of December last year, luckily I didn’t need to have treatment, it resolved on its own. Although not losing a tube or having surgery or the shot it still broke my heart and was the hardest emotional journey I have ever been on and my heart goes out to all the women who have suffered a pregnancy loss, you ladies are soldiers in my eyes.

I have just found out I am pregnant again this week and am over the moon, however I have this fear that has taken over the excitement thinking it’s going to be another ectopic. Every twinge, cramp I have I convince myself it’s all going wrong already.

I’ve become obsessed with symptom checking thinking I don’t have symptoms one day but I think I know I do, basically I am mentally torturing myself.

I have my early scan in 2 weeks which I am excited but I think more petrified about incase it’s bad news and I have to relive that heartache again.

Any reassurance would be amazing right now. Has anyone gone onto have a normal pregnancy? How did you feel? What where your symptoms like with it after the ectopic?

TIA ❤️