Sarah • 💙Leo-4.13.16 🌈Landon-6.23.18

I'm 32w and 2 days, and going on day 3 of having contractions. The first day they were coming every 10 mins, i only had about an hour that day where they weren't present. They were painful (however, not as painful as some were with my first child). I also had the dull pain in my back and I had circulating pain in my hips as well. My doctor said don't come in unless I'm experiencing constant excruciating pain, I feel a gush of fluid, or I bleed. So i spent the day walking around a mall with some friends. It didnt help the pain AT ALL, but it did take some pressure off of my back.

Yesterday, I didnt have too many but I had a lot still which is strange, because if its Braxton hicks I dont think theyd be regulated.. but if theyre real id think they'd be more painful? I also was extremely nauseous. I also struggled to fall asleep because the dull back pain came back but hurt more, and I felt contractions about 10 mins apart again so I forced myself to sleep but it was hard.

Now this morning, I woke up and immediately started feeling them. within the last 20 minutes ive had 3 already. Should I call my dr or L&D; and ask what to do? I just really think its strange. is anyone else experiencing this?