Baby is here at 33 weeks!

Rachel • Loss at 9 weeks in Feb 2017. Baby Luke came at 33 weeks on 5/2/18!

Baby Luke was originally due June 18, however he had his own ideas. On Sunday I was having terrible stomach pain turned contractions plus vomiting/diarrhea so they kept me overnight for dehydration and false labor. I was feeling better and went back to work Tuesday.

Wednesday May 2nd is when everything went down! I had my pre-admit at the hospital at 4:30 and headed home around 5:30. I made a comment to my husband about how sick I was of being pregnant and being uncomfortable and I just wanted to hold our boy. We went to bed and at 7:45pm I went to roll over. Thought for sure my son was just kicking my bladder and making me pee but sure enough my water broke. I woke my husband up, we went to leave for the hospital and he had a flat tire...he had to go back in and get my keys to take my car lol

Got to the hospital and as soon as I stood up it was obvious my pants were soaked and I dripped all through the hospital as we headed to the 3rd floor. We got up there around 9:15 and doctors made the decision to take him out because of poor monitoring on him (too squirmy)! Luke debuted at 11:34 by CSection (breech) and has been doing wonderful! He's been off his oxygen and showing how amazingly strong he is for a 33 weeker!