Need advice. Has anyone been through this? Long post!

Leah • Mommy to Hudson💙 May 3rd, 2017💙

Last Thursday I woke up with severe pain in my upper right side of my back. I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe without it hurting; I was in tears. This went on for days so I went to the doctor on Monday. She said she thought I had a kidney stone so sent me for a CT scan, blood work and did a urine culture. CT scan came back normal. She said she thought I had a uti then (I didn’t have any of the symptoms) and started me on medication for it. The next day she calls and said that my urine culture came back normal so I didn’t have a uti. My blood results came back showing my liver enzymes were elevated; so she’s running more blood work. Still having pain, super nauseous and 💩 like there’s no tomorrow. Has anyone been through something like this? At this point I feel like they have no idea what’s going on.