Baby boy arrived after 22+ hours of labor


I was due on April 24th. My doctor and I discussed options and scheduled an induction on April 30th. I went in and got cervadil on April 30th and after 2 hours I was having too many contractions that weren’t effective. We decided to take out the cervadil and labor on my own. I labored on my own with the help of pitocin until I was 6cm dilated at which my pain became really intense to where I couldn’t relax and it was delaying my progression. I decided to get an epidural which helped significantly. I couldn’t believe it. I dilated and effaced completely and after 22 hours it was time to push. I was exhausted at this point but so ready to meet my son. I pushed for two hours and I told my OB that something wasn’t right and I didn’t think I can do this. He knew I really wanted a vaginal delivery so we tried a vacuum assisted delivery and that failed. We finally decided to do a c-section. Let me tell you ladies, c-sections are not the easy way out. My baby was engaged and his head was OP( that means the positioning wasn’t ideal for delivery) the surgeon said that my pelvis was too small to deliver vaginally and he’s surprised that I made it as far as I did. I gave birth to the most perfect baby boy. He weighed 9lb and 1oz and was 21 inches long! I weighed 108 pounds pre pregnancy and gained 40 pounds throughout my pregnancy. No one thought I could have a big baby but I did! Ladies don’t ever discredit yourself if you have a c-section because thanks to modern medicine we are able to have our babies arrive safely.