I think I conceived!


I’m guessing since I know my body very well and keep track of things. I can say that I am never 8 days late and my last period was March 28 supposed to came on April 26 and still a no show🤗🤗 this will be my 4th child so I should know because with my other 3 I knew I was pregnant before a positive and also had dreams.

Last year may 6th I had a miscarriage at 11weeks I also knew I was pregnant with that baby and had dreams. Ok check this out! I never had a dream until the day my period was due April 26. I had a dream that I took a FR test and it showed two pink lines a positive, in this same dream it switch to me laying on a bed getting a ultrasound, the nurse said this is one of the babies 👶👶👶👶 as I seen it on the screen and I look at her and said what do u mean this is just one of the babies, she look at me and said it’s 4 babies in here 😮😲 I’m like wait what! (Back to reality now) what I’m saying is I only have dreams that I’m pregnant when I am actually pregnant and I’m never 8 days late so I think ima claim this and say I am pregnant but I still am going to take a test in a few more days. But I really hope it’s not 4 maybe 2😂 I will update when I test! 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽