Don’t judge me or say anything shitty


First, i already know how irresponsible i am and i already know the consequences of my actions. Ok i got that out of the way so nobody has to rail me for how dumb i am.

I’m not on birth control, implants make me bleed all the time, not into IUD’s, and the pill i was on made me feel ducking crazy. So i decided to “take a break”. No condoms, pull out method is what we’re doing. Sunday we had sex, husband pulled out and came into a shirt, wiped off and penetrated me again because i hadn’t finished. My period was supposed to start yesterday. It didn’t. I took a test yesterday and first thing this morning, both were negative. Was it too soon to take a test?

I’m really nervous and stressed out, i don’t want another baby anytime soon, but i know that if I’m pregnant i only have ourselves to blame.