Just have to vent..crazy month


So it started with a very vivid dream about having two positive pregnancy tests. That was around the start of my fertile window. Never had a dream about that before so of course it set me up for a month of symptom spotting and wondering.

Then, I got a yeast infection a few days later. And I don’t get those regularly. At all.

Symptom spotting head of mine thinks “huh. Second weird thing this month. Wtf?”

So I go along, trying not to get my hopes up or overthink.

Then, as the month goes on, I just feel generally weird.

Exhibit a: I am a coffee drinking fiend. Like I practically live off the stuff. And can drink at least two whole mugs often in a row no problem. I also have very irregular eating habits as a busy full time student and kinda broke so I can’t buy food every time I’m out. So I a lot of the times don’t eat till the end of the day (i know. It’s bad. My boyfriend scolds me every time). But the point is, those are regular behaviors for me.

But this month, I can barely finish a mug of coffee without getting queasy and if I start a second I for sure feel sick. I also have been super, not hungry, but just want to keep eating when I do finally sit down to eat, and then I feel super queasy and on the verge of puking after I eat a normal amount.

Exhibit b: suppppper tired this week. Like, falling asleep and yawning during the day. But then wide awake at night when I try to actually go to bed

Exhibit c: I am always super emotional and weepy around ovulation and right before my period. That’s it. Nope. Not this month. I’m crying over nothing and my period isn’t due for another 5 days.

So .... trying to not get my hopes up. Took a test yesterday and it was negative. But I can’t help but be suspicious.

Stupid dreams. 🙄

If you made it this far thanks for reading.

May the fourth be with you.