We all deserve to know this.


I posted this a couple weeks ago, but I put it in the wrong group.. so I don’t think many people got to see it, and you deserve to see it. I just wanted to do a shoutout to everyone who doesn’t actually have a solid best friend because their best friend has a better best friend.. or they don’t bond enough with people to have a best friend.. or because their “best friend” constantly comes and goes and just leaves them feeling vaguely isolated even though they might have plenty of best friends. I know this site isn’t really made for friends, but I know there’s plenty of us that are made to feel this way. So I’m here to let you know you’re amazing and there’s no reason to feel like you’re not good enough. If they can leave you so easy then you’re better off! I know I’ve had trouble making friends since my best friend of 12+ years left me for our mutual friend and my social anxiety. So basically if anyone needs a friend or just someone to talk to, I’m here!