Two psychics said the same thing

Jacqueline • Mommy of an angel 👼🏽

I am so excited about this so I just had to post. First off I just want to mention that for the last ten years or so I have always felt that my first child would be a girl. I’ve had a name picked out all this time as well because I am so sure of this.

A little backstory of my ttc journey is my boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive since February of this year. I got a prediction from someone called the baby psychic on Facebook in early February and she said that I would be pregnant with a girl and that the months July through October stood out. Just yesterday I did a reading with another psychic that said my first child will be a girl and that the summer as well as libra season stood out to her which is end of September/October. I still haven’t gotten my bfp but it has honestly given me so much peace to get another confirmation that I will be getting my baby girl and hopefully in the next few months!!