Painful sex!

So my boyfriend and I have been together a year and a half. The sex we have is amazing but recently it’s been really painful to the point where I put having sex off for a few days and he even thought I didn’t find him attractive anymore! 😭 at first I thought it was maybe a yeast infection as it sometimes became itchy but I took a home test and it said neutral/possible slight infection so I took the recommend medication. And it was fine for a week or so! Now it’s back and even worse. To describe the pain, I’d say it’s like as if the skin around the entrance to my vagina has ripped all over and the penetration makes it sting like hell! Once he’s in me, it also hurts inside, like the ‘tunnel’ of my vagina? We’ve tried with lube, nothing. We tried different lube, again nothing, it actually makes it worse sometimes. I’m really not worried about having an std from him cheating because I know he hasn’t and neither have I. But my belly button also leaks sometimes (sorry for being gross 🤢) and I’m thinking maybe it’s a yeast infection AGAIN and just makes it worse? PLEASE if anyone knows anything please help! I’m making a doctors app ASAP but some extra help from my sisters would be good! ❤️