3 year old breathes through mouth only during sleep.

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Hi everyone.

So I have noticed lately my three year old has been snoring extremely loud lately. He doesn’t seem to be stuffy, as I use saline drops and suck his nose out.

During the day, he seems to be fine. Breathes normally, everything. But as soon as he goes to sleep, his adenoids seems to swell up and block his nostrils, so he can’t breathe out of his nose.

Yes, I have taken him to see his doctor. About two days ago. She said he has extra large tonsils, which is why he snores. According to her, children usually outgrow it by age five. If not, we have the option to remove it. As for his nose, she could see that his adenoids are swollen and says it’s from allergies.

I have been giving him children’s Claritin as recommended, but it still doesn’t seem to help much. It worries me as I watch him sleep, because he often wakes up gasping for air when his throat dries. It’s hard for him to get a good night sleep. I haven’t been sleeping much either, because I keep watching him breathe, just to make sure he doesn’t stop.

It’s so scary watching him sleep. I prop him up. Have him on his side. But I cant seem to figure out what could help. The Claritin doesn’t seem to be working. And his adenoids are still swollen.

We have a follow up appointment in two weeks. I’m wondering if I should take him in sooner to have them check again. I thought it was sleep apnea, but she was certain it wasn’t.

I’m sorry this is so long, but I’m so worried about my baby and was hoping any of you out there has had this problem. Any advice would be great. Thank you!

Also, this has been going on for almost a week now.