Should I take a pregnancy test?!

Me and my boyfriend have been trying for 6 months. But in the past couple of days my left breast has been slightly tender, almost a bruised feeling, I've been getting cramps similar to period cramps, my mood swings have been a bit crazy like 1 minute im angry then next I'm crying for nothing, I've had quite a lot of heartburn/indigestion, I'm a smoker and don't really feel like smoking(been having about 2 a day), and usually when I go bed I lay awake for a bit before I can go sleep but this past week I've been climbing in bed and then I'm fast asleep within 10 minutes, sleeping through till about 11am the next morning and also had a white discharge...

Is it too early to say? My next period is meant to be on the 15th so I've got a few more weeks yet to see if I miss a period or not but I'm just very anxious to know!!

What very early pregnancy symptoms did other ladies have?