1 date late CD30– my full experience


Hi ladies. I just wanted to share my 9 long months of ttc. I’ve never tested to determine if we were pregnant until this morning. Reason being, I’m never late. But this cycle was different.

I have researched everything. Willing to try anything. Prayed. Meditated. Yoga. Therapy. Even every home remedy. And like clock work.... I would ovulate around day 12-14 (only known based on cramping during this time— but never a lot of cm) then day 21 start spotting brown up till my period on day 28.

This time I decided to try mucinex 4-5 days prior to ov and on the day of ov. I noticed increased cm immediately which was great. I also decided to try conceive plus lube, just Incase I’m too acidic. (I am a high stressed person). And I even thought— what the hell I will put my legs on the wall.

Well day 21 came.... no symptoms. No spotting. And then day 22, 23, ,24 etc. Not until day 27 which was my 12DPO— immediate cramping pain just like my period. Pink faint color on the TP. And then all this back pain. Just that once. Then started the brown spotting. I was for sure my period was coming because allllll my symptoms pointed me to this. And then it didn’t come.....

So I tested this morning, 1 day late and got this.

Good luck to everyone. ✨✨