Let me have my own problem!

Why do men always want to fix things!? I’m trying to challenge my man to take his hand out of things and stop trying to fix other people’s problems.

I’ll be telling him a story - mine or someone else’s - and as soon as he catches a small whiff of an issue he’s ready with 100+ solutions.

I want him to just listen. 90% of the time I bring an issue up, I already have a solution in mind, I just want to be able to get to the end of my story so I can tell him my own solution to my own problem. Like, just let me have it. If I need you, I’ll ask you for help. In the meantime, support me while I solve my own issues. You want me to be resilient. Well boy, stop doing all the work for me! How can you say you want a strong independent woman if all your doing is inadvertently making her dependant on you?