Am in shock!!!

Iana • Hi am Iana,married to my heartbeat of 4yrs now and currently pregnant with our first❤👶❤

On Friday i return from my vacation trip from Jamaica..

this trip was a bust due to me having to had a emergency root canal and bridge work done before leaving for my trip. what i didn't expect was to be in pain the whole time and have to take pain med and antibiotics.

But after returning home Friday all i wanted to do is sleep all day which was weird for me cause i don't sleep during the day at ALL!!

so i told husband and he said he was having the same problem too.. He jokingly said maybe we're PREGNANT...

So 9am Saturday morning with my fmu i toke a test and before the timer could end two lines instantly popped up . so i decided to take a digital and then the words pop up pregnant. Am pregnant...i cant believe it.