With the grace of almighty finally we did it !


Hello moms and future moms..

After experiencing so many bfn I would like to share my own story. I was also trying for 2 years.. I was so disappointed and spent so many sleepless nights and was so worried bcz my period was regular and didnt hv any other issues. And whenever i visited glow it always made me more sad, bcz everywhere is bfp! (Honestly I was hopeless and stopped using this app) Then 3 months ago i consulted with a doctor.. she suspected mine cycle is anovulatory so she advised me a medicine and said to try it for next 3 cycles, if failed then we hv to go for further investigation.. but with the grace of almighty it worked at first try.

Now I'm 8+ weeks 🤰🏻

I suffered a lot without any reason, bcz i thought oneday it will happen.. I just wanna say if u r trying and yet nothing pls consult a doctor before its too late.. Hopefully u will be more benefited 😊

Good luck to all