Any active duty mamas on here?

I’m active duty Navy, with my first baby, the Naval hospital wouldn’t admit me until i was 6cm dilated. (I was at a 4 but could stretch to a 5) so i spent 5 1/2 hours walking around the base to get my labor started! (On my due date) finally after all that walking, i was at 7cm! And then 26 hours later and She came. And with complications after birth.

However with this baby, we live across the country now with no family here what so ever.

And don’t really know anybody to watch our daughter. So my question is, has any active duty mamas been induced at 39/40 weeks for non medical reasons? My SOs mother is coming but she can’t stay long and i really don’t want to give birth by myself. If i don’t go into labor for the time my MIL is here. Anyone know what to say to your doctor that they’ll induce me??

Currently 37 weeks. And freaking out i May have to do it alone and possibly have complications after birth again.