I cried when my tampon got stuck


Sooo super embarrassing but when I was 16 I tried to put a tampon on for the first time because everyone in sports said it was mandatory to wear tampons because it would be so much more comfortable & blah blah blah. So my friend gave me one at school & I spent 10 min trying to get it in & I came out sweating & said I got it in thanks it wasnt so bad....but I lied

So I went home that day & grabbed one of my moms stash & decided to give it another try lol(oh gosh)

so I squatted, lifted a leg up on the toilet,leg up on bath tub & bam it went in. Well once I stood up straight I realized it was super uncomfortable & was a bit painful

so I started pulling on the string & that thing was harder than hell. umh yeah after 30 min of trying to get it out I started to cry because I was thinking worst case scenario I will end up at the hospital & they have pull it out themselves & I started praying (yeah literally) i said "Jesus pls help me pull it out & I swear I will never wear tnapons ever again"

& I pulled on the string one more time & it felt like I was taking a dry bumpy shit through my vagina (lol sorry tmi)

& ever since than I only wore tampons like once a yr for emergencies only & yes they still get stuck but not like that first time.

sorry for the long story but comment below if you also had a crazy or bad first time experience ???