An amazing night!

I just gotta share! I’m PMSing right now and have cramps and headaches, so my bf (of 3 months) came over today to watch movies with me to make me feel better. So we’re sitting on my bed watching a movie and we start making out, clothes come off, and we start going at it missionary. This time he’s going faster than he has before and I can’t help digging my nails into his back...

He cums and pulls me me up on top of him and I start ridding and biting his neck. Next thing I know, he grabs my hips and starts pounding fast again, and damn I came hard. I’ve never cum from penetration before!

So after some rest, we begin making out again and he asks me if he could try something different. He flips me over and starts doing doggy style! And I’m like

So my face is in the pillow and my bf is holding my waist and kissing up my back and shoulders and I’m losing it. He and I are already worn out so we lay down and he fingers me and I stroke him until we both finish, all while holding eye contact.

A few movies and some rest later, I make a joke about something in the movie being kinky, and long story short, my bf had some rope in his bag with him. (I didn’t know he was that kinky) As a joke I let him tie my hands behind my back but then we get crazy again, he flips me over and starts pounding me cat style and I’m practically screaming. I lost count how many times I came tonight, but the perfect end to the perfect night was being cuddled by my loving boyfriend. ❤️