Funny Sex Stories

I'm gonna give a little back story about my fiancé and I and then I'm gonna share a few funny moments. I'm 20 this month and he'll be 24 in August, we met over facebook while I lived in WV and he lived in NC. I knew his younger brother from school before they moved away but I'd never met him in person (at least I knew he wasn't an ax murderer). So after a few months of talking with an immediate connection (I knew I loved him from the start) I hopped in a car with all of my belongings and moved on in with him. We've now been together almost 2 years and lived together over a year. Well being as we didn't really have that "dating" period before moving right in with each other, we took things slow. We didn't have sex for the first 3 months. Our first time together was sooooo romantic and heated. Well once we discovered that we both had a high sex drive and both are very open about sex, we started exploring new things. Well before him I hated going down on a man, it grossed me out so bad, but with him I loooove it. Well he asked "baby can i cum in your mouth" and now this is something I'd never done but I'd heard stories and wasn't sure what to expect but I was feeling it in the moment so I was like "yeah sure" so we kept going and finally he was like "here it comes". YALL HE PISSED IN MY MOUTH. At first I was shocked but after immediately showering and brushing my teeth all I could do is laugh. I don't get mad easy and obviously it was an accident so it was just funny. He had done googled and researched what happened (apparently it's actually pretty common). He was so embarrassed by it and kept apologizing but after awhile just started laughing about it to. Needless to say, I've never let him do it again and he always pees before sex 😂😂😂😂😂 Both times I've ever let him near my face after that he's gotten come in my eye. That shiiiiii burnsss.

feel free to share your stories, i love a good laugh 😆