Bf told me I’ve gained too much weight


So when we met I was so fit and once we got together I started to slowly gain weight ... my self esteem went down tremendously. He would talk about me eating junk food and I actually started to see myself as fat. I haven’t worked out. I haven’t done anything any different but today I looked in the mirror and realized he’s crazy ... today I realized I’m beautiful.... screw what anybody else thinks I feel good about me.

UPDATE!! guys I’m honestly so humbled by the response of this post! I’m trying to respond to as many of you as possible! Your comments have been so uplifting and funny. I’ve realized how unhealthy my relationship is and I know now that it’s better to get out while I still can. Thank you so so much for all the love babes 💕😍💯

⭐️I saw some people were talking about a before picture so I included a picture of me from the month we started dating! 💕💕 once again thank you all so so so much for the love!