Awkward and heartbreaking

💙 • Married, Mommy to 1 + 1 on the way 💗

I was at a wedding this weekend and was sitting next to one of my relatives from my husbands side. She is pregnant and due really soon. We just started taking about her baby and all that fun stuff. Then my grandfather in law looks at me and says “See, that’s what it looks like” as he pointed to her very pregnant belly. (Only me and my husband know we’re currently TTC). And it wasn’t very quiet and no one else was talking in the room at the time and everyone heard it. I was so embarrassed. He doesn’t really have a filter so I just laughed it off and changed the subject. But I about broke down bawling my eyes out in front of everyone. I know what it looks like because I have been dreaming about looking that way for months now. It crushed me. But I’m getting back up and forgetting about it. I just needed to talk to someone who would understand and help me feel better.