Umbilical stump

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Baby boy is four weeks and still has his stump, it started leaking a little bit and it was a good thing we had his one month checkup yesterday. She told us to clean around it with alcohol wipes she gave us, and that if it didn’t fall off by next week or if it does and theres a little globe looking spot to bring him in. Our daughters’ stump fell off at 2 weeks so i’m getting a little worried, has anyone else’s baby still have their stump ?

Update- so this morning baby boy’s stump fell off and of course the little globe looking spot is there, so i call to take him in. Pediatrician looks at his belly button and tells me it looks good just need to be clean so she proceeds to clean it, as shes cleaning it she notices theres parts that are not completely healed and she writes up a referral to see a pediatric surgeon about what should we do next.