Feeling totally off.

Sabrina • 22. 3 MC. GMH 🌈♂️ 5.13.18 / LJH 🌈♀️ 1/29/20. Gestational Diabetes mom.

I’m going bonkers..

39+4 today. I’ve been trying everything to induce with no luck (no total luck, really)

I feel so off. My pelvic bones pop every time I move. The past couple days, every time I eat I get SO nauseous after just a couple bites. It doesn’t matter what it is, my stomach starts bubbling and I get nauseous. I never puke but I definitely could if I wanted to.

A couple days ago I couldn’t stop pooping (TMI sorry) but I cleared myself out and don’t even feel like I need to anymore.

Anyone else feel like this? I just don’t even feel like I’m in my own body anymore. 😞