My husband makes me feel unloved.

so I'm not what to do. Ive been with my husband for 3 years now. at first it was like a dream come ture but now I just feel stuck. I have stuck by his side thru everything. (cheated, drugs, rehab) Im 30 years old and dont have kids myself but have took in his 4 kids (that live with us full time) and became their mom. I have always respected our relationship and been faithful to him. I just dont know how much more I can take. he's such a womanizer and it makes me feel like Im not good enough for him. It makes me self conscious about myself and I try to talk to him about it but he doesn't seem to care. Am I in the wrong for getting mad when I get on social media an

d see him liking all these chicks pictures and stuff?

This is one he liked today and I just feel its so disrespectful. Him being a married man shouldnt act like a single one!

This is me and I just dont understand why Im not good enough or pretty enough for him.