Sick all day and feeling a bit depressed


I am 9w5d with baby #3. I am nauseous and extremely fatigued ALL day long. I cant function and have no choice cuz I have a 10 and 8 yr old and a hub. With both the other kids I felt th same except I actually threw up with them...thankfully (fingers and toes crossed) I will not Throw up with this one. So I’m blessed to not be as sick....but man....I’ve been feeling this way since 4 weeks. I’m hoping it will only be a few more weeks of this since with my other two the morning sickness stopped at the beg of the 2nd tri.

Anyways....I guess I’ve been feeling defeated, sad, emotional, I just want to cry sometimes cuz I feel so miserable. I can play or interact with my kids really (they understand mom is sick cuz if the pregnancy and r ok with it) which makes me feel like hub has unconventional work hours that change everyday so the few moments I see him I really don’t even wanna talk....I dunno maybe it’s the hormones. I just have a bunch of emotions going on these pst few days

Anyone else getting a bit down because they are tiered of being sick??