Breast pain?

Hi ladies I have a question. So about a week ago I started having this pain in my right breast around my nipple. I thought that maybe it was just hormonal since I'm supposed to start my period in a week. Well, fast forward to now and it's still in the same exact spot, and it's a random sharp pain. It also feels like it's burning and lasts for a few minutes non stop. Also, for a while after the pain stops, my breast feels weird? Like it's hard to explain but it doesn't feel right. I know I'm not pregnant because I'm now on my period. I've never had burning or a pain like this before, so I really don't believe it's caused by my period. I've been on birth control for a few months, but since it's been a while, I don't believe I would just suddenly have a new symptom. Anyone have any thoughts on what this is? I'm very confused and a little scared since it's never happened before.

Thanks all!!