Absolutely hate my body


I have struggled with my weight my whole life and I really need some support on how to get where I want to be. I am active duty in the army so I work out every morning used to after work as well but the last year or so my schedule has not allowed me to do so. I was injured and recently had surgery, since my injury I have gained an additional 20 lbs. I’ve tried all kinds of different work outs and diets. Some work for some of the extra I’ve gained but then I fluctuate and spike back up. I don’t feel I over eat but I definitely have a sweet tooth sometimes. I know you can’t spot target but my arms and thighs are very large and recently I’ve developed some back fat. I just won’t brutal honesty and some advice I have a six year old girl and I’ve been divorced and recently got engaged I want my daughter to learn to love herself but how can I teach her that if I’m still learning how to do it. Thanks in advance 💜