Baby Jace has arrived! First time mom At 37 weeks. EASY/calming story!

Nikki • Mama to Jace 5/8/2018. Expecting AGAIN 7/19🤰🏼.Married.Tattoos.🐊Florida

May 7th at 4am I woke my husband up to kill a huge bug in the room 😂 after this was done we couldn’t go back to sleep and hey did what most couples that can’t sleep do, sex sex sex. Shortly after I was having pains but was able to go back to sleep... around 9am I had some chunks of blood when I peed so I called my doctor and he said just to be safe get evaluated at the ER. I was 37 weeks and really not in any pain so we figured we’d be back home in an hour or so. NOPE. they tell me at the hospital I’m 6cm and in full blown labor and admit me. I instantly started crying cause I’ve never given birth before the fear of the unknown really set in. But still I wasn’t in much pain at all! I got the epidural eventually in fear that I would regret not getting it later on. Getting the epidural felt like a quick bee sting then burning in my spine but really not the pain I thought it would be at all! So I got the epidural not in pain at 7cm and continued to have no pain all the way up until pushing. Unfortunately I was stuck at 7cm for about 5/6 hours though. My started labor time they marked as 5am May 7th when I was home in pain and I didn’t give birth until 2:16am in May 8th! So it was deff a super long labor I didn’t expect at all but ladies that are scared of the pain coming up, I guess everyone’s story is really different but I mean it it was bearable and not what the movies make it out to be at all haha I can’t believe I did it after being scared of this day for 9 months I did it! I pushed for 40 minutes that was hard to figure out how to do effectively at first with all the chaos going on and wanting it to be over. But I did! And I’m still in shock how much pain I didn’t go through. And being a mom and looking at this little man entering the world through me was the most crazy experience and best feeling I will deff try to have more children in my life now that I know I CAN do it! I AM strong enough!