Stressed out...overwhelmed...but so in love💕


I need to get out of this funk. Stress has become an everyday struggle and just became so much worse😫 we are struggling to find a place to move before baby arrives. It HAS to happen! I wish our credit was better! To make things worse, my mother (who had recently battled and defeated stage 3 cervical cancer) just got word that the cancer has come back in her chest wall area. Haven’t received all of the details as this just happened on Monday and she has to have another PET scan done to determine some things. This is all too much. I am so close with my momma, I need her healthy😔 I’m feeling defeated and scared. And the stress at home of trying to take care of my 6 & 10 year old daughters, dance class for them, working 3rd shift, struggling to keep the house clean, dinner, homework, showers, bedtime, all while trying to get a little sleep....AHHH!! Sorry for the craziness ladies, just needed to vent a little! My emotions are insane these days!