Take a big break

So my fiancé and I have been trying for baby no.1 for coming on 17months and 2bh it’s not happening for us. I think timing is not right atm, my fiancé has literally only started his new job just over 2weeks and I’m still looking for a job, he is currently going to court over some stuff and it’s all abit too much atm, don’t want to be bringing a baby into the world right now as I don’t think the timing is right yet. I’ve really been stressing myself because I’ve always wanted to start my family before I turn 30, but I’ve still got 3years until that happens, so I’ve still plenty of time, my fiancé is coming 30 in sept and I think that’s what he wants aswell but it’s not going to happen if I’m stressing myself out every month! Think it’s time We let it be and try and enjoy ourselves, we are planning on going to Portugal soon for my birthday, so think I’ll focus on getting my bikini body lol. One day it’ll happen! ❤️