Officially High Risk Pregnancy updated


Update: So the Procardia and my uterus seem to be fighting over what's going to win. Had to go back in last night to L&D; for stonger more painful contractions but thanks to the Procardia, it's keeping my cervix from dialating or thinning anymore. I have an appointment with my doctor at 9am on the 10th and he's doing another ultrasound to check my cervix and the position of baby. I'm on bed rest now and losing my mind already, it's making me restless being told I can't be up and moving around as much. Baby girl is trying her hardest to make her entrance while everyone is trying to delay that, at least until 37 weeks. Seems like June is not my month to have her.

I was in L&D; on Sunday night and was given turbutaline to stop the contractions I was having. Well had to go back in last night for contractions and have now been perscribed Procardia and have received the steroid shots for her lungs. I'm now considered high risk even though I wasn't before. How many momma's are dealing with the same thing? I'm worried about having my little girl too early now.