Got my positive opk! Do I have a chance still?!

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So took an OPK yesterday and got my smiley and a positive with a test strip! Was so excited about it. The first time that it was that bright and I was positive and didn’t have to second guess if I’m ovulating. Unfortunately we didn’t bd 😣 Poor husband is sick and has been this week so he wasn’t in really in mood. I felt disappointed but at the same time I understood. Is it too late now to try to bd today? I took another opk this morning and the line still looks darker than the control line and I got major ewcm this morning! What do you ladies think?

The picture below was yesterday evening.

The picture below is the opk next to each other. The top one was from yesterday evening and the one underneath is from this morning. Am I able to bd today still and have a chance?

And this is what happened when I wiped this morning! The most of seen my cm this egg white and stretch!