So, I’m supposed to start my period today. There is absolutely no sign of it. Normally, and I mean nearly every time, the week before my period I have cramps. Nothing this past week. I’ve also been having some weird cravings these past two weeks, and I had some spotting about two weeks ago for a day, very light and only when I wiped. I’m worried that could’ve been implantation bleeding. Ive also been nauseated all the time these past two weeks.

I’m on the pill, but my boyfriend finished in me a little the day before my last period, and this past month we haven’t exactly been the safest as we’ve gone multiple rounds without worrying about him cleaning to prevent sperm being in his precum. I also was about an hour and a half late one day in the first week of this pack.

I bought a pregnancy test but I’m waiting until the end of the day to take it if I haven’t started yet. Is there a possibility that I could be pregnant?