UPDATED: Post-breakup Selfies

redvelvet_94 • 25yo grandma 👵🏼

My now ex dumped me on Sunday and at first I was like

Then I read this quote by Maria Felix (translation below)

“You cry for a man for 3 days...and on the fourth, you put on your heels and new clothes.”

Well ladies it’s day #4, and I’m forcing myself to take her advice and smile

Here’s to all the bad-ass sad bitches out there!

Response: THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH 💙 It means the world to me to have your support!

Muchisimas gracias a todos! Significa el mundo para mi tener su apoyo!

Response #2: I have woken up the past few mornings to all of your kind and supportive comments, and it keeps me going. Thank you all to the moon and back!

More info: Thank you all for your stories and pictures ❤️ I thought I’d share what happened: He was acting weird on Saturday, just kind of mean and he was never that way before. I noticed we weren’t having a lot of intimacy recently or hanging out as much as well. I wanted to talk about it on Sunday morning at breakfast, and that morning he asked if he could pick me up, instead of me driving over. He arrives and I lean in for a kiss. He dodged it and immediately said “we have to talk.” He ends it there, and says my stuff is in the back. All the things I’d left at his house, including q-tips. I leave his car, broken. Later he texts me, saying I have so much to look forward to in life to which I reply that he broke my trust and heart. Offended he replies, “ the last thing I wanted was for you to quite literally be all over me the only two days I have off. Hanging out together shouldn’t feel forced.” And that’s how I knew, in my heart, he wasn’t for me.