So this happened last night! Baby was standing on a kitchen chair when it fell backwards, and he fell forwards, smacking his chin on the hard kitchen floor! It gushed for about 10 seconds, he cried for the 30 seconds it took me to get us all into the car ready to go to the ER. My husband showed up and didn’t think he needed any stitches, and my sister(RN) saw the picture and wasn’t sure if it could be stitched either. We cleaned it out and tried closing it with liquid stitches. Today he’s fine, and the wound is pretty well scabbed over, but it still looks very “open,” to me, like it’s not exactly closing, but it’s not bleeding either. Any ideas? I’ll take him in if I have to, but I’m worried I may have waited too long.

Kind words only, please. I’m stressed enough as it is 😓