Period 2 weeks late on Prozac??


My cycles are usually 35–39 days. I’m currently on CD 49. I started taking Prozac about 3 weeks ago. We’ve been trying extra hard to conceive this month. I tracked my ovulation and supposedly ovulated on April 12. I’m also taking vitex and read that it can cause periods to be late but every other time I’ve taken it, my cycles actually shortened to a regular 28 days and I got pregnant relatively quick so I’m convinced it’s not the vitex but maybe the Prozac. I took a Walgreens brand test last week and will post the results at the bottom but a few days ago I took a clear blue digital and it said not pregnant. I’m extremely confused. I’ve been throwing up but I had an allergic reaction to lexapro when I used to take it causing me to vomit. Idk what to do 😑