Being the second choice (what would you do?)

Last night me and my boyfriend were on FaceTime now we’ve only been together a few weeks now no I’m not in love but I really do like him (no judgment please) so I asked him a question I said are there any girls I need to worry about ? He said I’m not gonna lie to you I believe in being honest so I was talking to another girl before you (which didn’t really answer my question) so I said okay, so if we broke up would you go to her? He said honestly maybe then I got quite and he backtracked saying well maybe not idk it’s a possibility but I don’t think so I’m mean she’s coo hella coo but I don’t think so, i said okay well glad I know now I told him I’d call him right back I was gonna take a shower (which I did) I just needed to think, I call him back but what he just told me had bothered me so I said why did you stop talking to her and come my way then? He said thing between him and her just fell off like they don’t have any issues they just stopped talking

Maybe I’m being dramatic but I really am bothered by this I really like this guy but now this is all I can think about