3 month old bad sleep habits HELP


I’m scared I have created a completely dependent 3 month old. He won’t sleep unless he has been rocked or fed, and he will only sleep on my chest or shoulder. Today was my breaking point where he would not nap anywhere but on me, and at 5:00 PM I have yet to brush my hair, brush my teeth, or eat a real meal. He has been only napping during the day for 30 minutes or so, so I tried moving to his bedroom where it was not as bright, I could use the sound machine, and move about the house so that he would not wake easily to noise. All of that backfired and he would not go to sleep. I know that they say it is hard to spoil a newborn, but he definitely knows when I put him down and cries hysterically if I try to. At night we have had some success with a rock and play and swaddling, but that doesn’t last long either. While I love to hold him and probably could all day and night long, it is not conducive to having any sort of life (and no I’m not talking about going out and partying or anything of that nature) or having the ability to do simple chores around the house. I need for him to be able to self soothe a bit or just be able to fall asleep without me having to hold him the entire time. I’m looking for any type of suggestions as to how to transition him from being completely dependent, as I know he will be at 12 weeks old, to somewhat independent. What can I do to start helping him with this? 😭😫