piercing advice


i recently got my ears pierced, second and third holes on lobe. i have had them done before and they closed up so i had them repierced. i went to a tattoo shop that i have been to for my other 6 piercings and they also have a really good reputation. i had them done 2 weeks ago and my second lobe piercings are fine, not even sore at all. but my third ones are very sore, i cant sleep on them and they are quite swollen. they have been like this since i got them pierced. i have cleaned all 4 piercings every day as directed. i have plenty of other piercings and i have never had this before. should i be concerned? i wonder if they are just abit more swollen because i had them all done at once maybe? Has anyone had an infected piercing? Does it sound like it could be infected? They arent red and theres no discharge, so I dont think its infected. Any advice would be great!