Currently 40 days late

I havnt had a period since the end of April,had minimal spotting for one day last month (april) I have a one year old daughter and me and my partner have sex once a week if we’re lucky. (He works nights,sleeps all day) I took a home test last week came back negative,my closest doctors in 45 minuets away I live in the middle of no were. (Suffolk) migranes,sore and swollen nipples,constipated,abdominal pains,backache,frequent urinating,huge appetite&severe; mood swings I could be laughing and joking one minuet then crying the next. I wasn’t like this with my daughter I was just sick straight away but had no nausea or vomiting yes so I’m not to sure what do you think pregnant or PMS (probably sound stupid as I’ve already had a child but my pregnancy with her i only had indication via constipation and commuting).