Weird period?


So first of all i forgot to take like 6 of my birth control pills, so then i broke up with my boyfriend and we had this huge fight and i was crying like crazy and went through a lot of stress and then i remembered that my period didn’t start the day that it was supposed to so i waited a few more days, then one day that i was drinking wine i went to the bathroom and notice some bright red spots so i was like ok its coming, but then nothing, a few more days passed by and i just had spotting but like it was brown and i was like ok ok its coming buut like a little more than 2 weeks have passed and i have nothing but spotting here and there, somedays its a little bit more brown, today was “reddish” but i had sex today so maybe something came out🤷🏻‍♀️ i don’t know but i just got home and it’s been like an hour after sex and nothing has come out now , it’s like no spotting anything, i don’t know what to think anymore i mean i have irregular periods and i didn’t take the other pill pack but i don’t really know, i also took a pregnancy test (home one) like 4 days ago and it came negative, what do you guys think? 😑