Test line darker than control line???❤️

Cindy • 25 years old, 7 yrs in a relationship, mommy of two angel babies😇👶🏻👶🏻 & Pregnant with our rainbow babygirl ❣️🌈

So today 5/9 I got my BFP after trying for 2 years or so and after miscarriage after miscarriage! I’m so excited and happy!!! I woke up today & my period was only 1 day late. Something told me to take a pregnancy test. I did and as soon as the test starting developing, the test line was there before the control line & darker than the control line( Equate brand) . Still was at a lost for words and disbelief so a few hours later I took another test (First Response) & the same thing happened the test line appeared first and was darker than the control line. Out of all my miscarriages that I’ve had positive test, I’ve NEVER had a positive like this one, so I’m praying and hoping for a successful pregnancy ❣️ Is this a good sign? Have any of you ladies experienced this?