Contradicting Teething Information! Help!


So we went to our pediatrician on Friday and my 6.5 month old (5 adjusted) is teething full force no teeth yet. She was chewing on her hands but no matter how short I cut her nails she was cutting her gums and throat up and it made her extremely orally avert because it was extremely painful. She normally eats 6 5oz bottles a day and I was lucky to get 5 ounces a day and in her for two whole days and with a small syringe only no sucking and her throat was red I was so worried! We didn’t know why we thought she had strep but once we figured it out that it was her cutting her mouth and throat up I put socks on her hands and that helped a TON. Our pedi said do orajel and tylonal so we did and she was doing great with it she was a new baby. We took her to the dentist on Monday for her first check up and she told us not to do orajel because she will just swallow it and told us to use cold teething toys. She doesn’t understand teething toys so that’s no help and the cold on her gums doesn’t really help her with the pain. Who should I listen to? Is there an alternative to orajel? We tried the clove one that nuby sells and she HATED it screamed bloody murder. Just want to help my baby the best way possible. I do not want her to stop eating again. :/ any help is so greatly appreciated thank you!! 💜